Online Training is available for those without a Kara-Ho school in their area and under other approved circumstances.


  • Sign and Submit the Kara-Ho Waiver of Liability prior to commencing Online Training.
  • Payment of Annual Membership and Promotion fees as they become applicable.
  • Agree to perform criteria via Submission of Testing Tapes or Test live via SKYPE.
  • To continue beyond the rank of Yellow belt, all students must make arrangements to physically train with a Certified Kara-Ho Instructor in person with reasonable frequency. This is not negotiable though frequency of training is determined on a case by case basis.
  • Potential students need to realize that it is impossible to train solely via online video and fully understand any martial art.  This is especially true for Kara-Ho Kempo.

Online training may continue beyond Yellow Belt before the student is required to begin arranging training with the Kara-Ho Instructor closest to them.